Georgia King, LCSW

Georgia is a psychotherapist who specializes in immigration law. She founded The Immigration Evaluation Training Center in 2017 after being asked by numerous therapists how to provide immigration assessments. As an instructor, Georgia is passionate about helping therapists develop the skills and confidence they need to successfully provide immigration evaluations. 

Over the years, Georgia has collaborated with numerous immigration lawyers throughout Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and she has conducted more than 100 immigration evaluations, which have supported cases with very high rates of success. She has trained extensively with the advocacy group, Physicians for Human Rights, and she regularly appears in court as an expert witness in asylum cases. She has been a guest speaker at the Georgetown Law School, teaching law students about the impact of trauma on asylum seekers. 

Georgia also provides individual therapy to clients in Los Angeles, as well as throughout California and Maryland over Skype. Find out more about her therapy practice at:

Our Mission

The mission of The Immigration Evaluation Training Center is to support and empower therapists in providing exceptional immigration evaluations. As the first training center of its kind in the country, it has paved the way for countless therapists to confidently engage in the field of immigration law.

The Training Center is dedicated to supporting therapists in their professional development and the expansion of their skills and opportunities. Workshops provide all the tools needed to begin providing exceptional evaluations (through the use of detailed templates & sample assessments), while also developing reliable referral sources (by implementing effective marketing techniques). The Training Center has a proven track record of helping therapists rapidly expand private practice business, while doing meaningful work with skill and confidence.

Valencia Whaley

Media, Marketing & Production Consultant

Valencia specializes in creating compelling and meaningful content for film, television and educational projects. Her writing and production work includes shows for the Oprah Winfrey Network, as well as the acclaimed HBO film, Gema

From the founding of the Training Center, she has been an incredible asset, particularly through her exceptional marketing and design work. Her keen eye, wisdom and energy are invaluable, and she is especially skilled at making things happen and getting things done.

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