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If you are interested in hearing what previous alumni, and our amazing clients, have to say about our work –– feel free to check out our testimonials.


“I only took the training a couple months ago, and I’ve already done three evaluations and have two more referrals waiting for me!”

I love Georgia’s training, because she gives you the tools and the confidence to get started right away. Her marketing tools have been VERY effective, and I earned back the cost of the training really quickly. After I finished the workshop, I used her marketing “email script” to contact a few lawyers, and by the end of the week, I’d scheduled my first evaluation. I can't tell you how excited I am to be doing this work.

–– Cristina Gloria, LCPC, Illinois

"Since I took Georgia's workshop in November 2018, I've been making an extra $5,000 to $6,000 a month in my private practice"

I love helping the immigrant population and feel blessed to have taken this training that taught me how to conduct great psychological assessments. It was definitely worth the investment!

–– Genesis Espinoza, LMFT, California


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Success Stories

“I only took the training last month and I’ve already done two evals and have another one scheduled”

I recouped the cost of the program in just a few weeks, and I’m so excited to be doing this work. I feel like I’ve found something that allows me to serve the population I’m most passionate about, while simultaneously helping my family get into a better financial situation.

–– Kelsey Martin, LMHC, Massachusetts

“Georgia is definitely the Brené Brown of immigration evaluations, hands down.”

Georgia is compassionate, humanistic, knowledgeable...
an amazing leader in this field. And with her overall personality,
it’s such a treat to learn from her. 

–– Dr. Juan Rios, DSW, LCSW, New Jersey

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Check out what therapists are saying about Georgia’s training…

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Join hundreds of therapists around the country who have completed this training and are now expanding their practices while making a powerful difference in immigrants’ lives.


“Taking Georgia's training has changed my life. I was able to increase my clientele and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in helping the immigrant community.”

Especially now, in this COVID-19 crisis, I feel that this is the right time to invest in yourself to be ready for the new demands of the future. PLUS – Georgia has always been available to answer any of my questions, so I never felt lost, and that's a huge bonus!

–– Dr. Amanda Banda, Ed.D, LCSW, California

“The referrals just keep on coming. I've done over 100 of these assessments now because of Georgia's help, and this is one of the most meaningful things I've ever done”

The privilege that we have as citizens does not get lost on me, not when people are so desperate to stay together and save their own lives. It’s a really special thing that we get to do, and it's great to have Georgia's support and expertise in this life-changing work. Well worth the investment!

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–– Michele Mancuso, LCSW, New Jersey


“In 2018 alone I completed 85 evaluations and look forward to continuing to serve the community”

I'm so grateful for the work Georgia does. I can not say enough about how rare she is in this specialization. She was the first person I found willing and able to train others to do this work. I am so grateful for the high quality training she provides and feel extremely confident that my work is of the highest quality available in my city.

–– Dr. Carolina Jimenez, Psychologist and Owner of Jimenez Counseling in Houston, Texas

“I've done 3 evaluations in just 3 weeks since the workshop and doubled the investment already”

Georgia's training was so great and detailed. The templates are so helpful. It went above and beyond.

–– Vanessa Richards-Zorrilla, LPC, Colorado


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Let's hear what immigration lawyers have to say...

“Georgia has worked for several lawyers at our firm and altogether completed more than 25 psychological evaluations. Her evaluations are very thorough and very powerful”

I can honestly say that our office was successful in every case in which we used one of Ms. King’s evaluations and that these evaluations were the central piece of evidence that made the difference in winning or establishing the case…

–– Andrew Barreto, Immigration Attorney

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Make an impact, while
making additional income.

_ Georgia

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