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Check out this recording of a
recent live intro webinar:

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In this free webinar, you'll discover how to apply your clinical skills to make a powerful impact in the lives of immigrants, while also generating a new stream of income.

Imagine It...

Life-saving work that protects asylum-seekers

More financial freedom & long-term stability for your practice

The flexibility to work from home on your own schedule

What's amazing is that it's actually really easy. You don’t need to have a doctorate, be bilingual, or have experience in immigration law.

As a clinician, you already have the skills to assess mental health symptoms, and the right training will help you easily adapt these skills to the unique needs of immigration cases.

By providing assessments for immigration legal cases, we can help individuals get asylum and help families stay together. Plus, with ongoing referrals from lawyers, therapists can create thriving, sustainable practices.

Meet Your


“I’m passionate about contributing to social justice & supporting like-minded therapists in doing the same”

- Georgia King,


As a pioneer in the field since 2012, Georgia has trained hundreds of therapists nationwide on how to conduct expert evaluations and build thriving businesses.


Ready to get started?

Check out our 2-day training that gives you everything you need to provide expert immigration evaluations and create a thriving business.

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