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Welcome to one of the best-kept secrets in the therapy field! Few therapists know about the amazing opportunities that are easily available in immigration law. By interviewing immigrants, therapists can provide clinical evaluations to be used as evidence in immigration cases, and this helps families stay together and helps refugees get asylum. Don't miss this chance to find out more. No need to be bilingual. No need to have a PhD or any specialized experience. 
All are welcome!

is dedicated to empowering therapists to engage in the immigration field with skill and confidence. Workshops at the Training Center have a proven track record of helping therapists launch a new and meaningful aspect of their careers, while building on their current clinical skills. Thanks to these workshops, therapists around the country are expanding private practice work, while successfully advocating for immigrants and their families.

is a psychotherapist who specializes in immigration law. Over the years, she has completed more than 85 immigration evaluations, and she works with lawyers throughout Los Angeles and Washington, DC. As the director and founder of The Immigration Evaluation Training Center, she loves having the opportunity to support therapists in working within the legal system in order to make a life-changing impact in the lives of immigrants and their families.

Georgia King, LCSW

Therapist and Immigration Law Specialist

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